Fees and Limits

All costs associated with buying and selling against NOK and conversion between cryptocurrencies are included in the exchange rate in the form of spreads. When converting from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, you get the best price among different exchanges and the result is that you often get a better price than if you had converted in a single exchange on your own. There are no hidden fees for buying, selling and converting.


Buy with NOK: 2.95% spread

Sell for NOK: 1,45% spread

Convert: from 0 to 0,49% depending on exchange and trading pair

Deposit form bank: Free

Withdrawal to bank: Free

Transaction fee (miner fee)

A transaction fee (also called mine fee or network fee) must be paid to send transactions on the blockchain. This will be deducted from your settlement. For most cryptocurrencies, the fee is approximately NOK 0, while in others such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) it can vary widely. You can see more info about current estimates and tips for reduced fees below.


We recommend using a wallet with support for SegWit address (starting with bc1) or compatibility address (starting with 3 …) to save transaction fee. The fee is currently estimated for the various recipient addresses to:

  • Legacy (address starts with 1 …): laster inn... kr
  • Compatibility (p2sh – address starts with 3 …): laster inn... kr
  • SegWit (bech32 – address starts with bc1 …): laster inn... kr

Other crypto currencies

  • Ethereum : laster inn... kr.
  • Bitcoin Cash : laster inn... kr.
  • Litecoin : laster inn... kr.
  • Dogecoin: laster inn... kr.


Buy limits

The limit varies from time to time, see the homepage for the current limits.

Sell limits

The limit varies from time to time, see the homepage for the current limits.