Questions and Answers

What are the fees

For purchases, the total fee is illuminated when you enter the amount you want to purchase.
The amount is included in the total price you see when you complete the order.

When converting from one crypto currency to another, the fee is included in the rate.

The fee for the purchase of cryptocurrency with credit card is 7%.
This includes banking, currency conversion, operator and our profits.

Conversion fee is 0 to 0.49% depending on exchange and currency pairs.
When converting, you get the best price with different exchanges.
The result is usually that you get lower price even with the fee.
Compared to whether you converted yourself to a stock exchange.

Transaction fees for transferring cryptocurrencies to you are not inclusive.

What is a cryptocurrency "address"

A crypto currency address can be explained as an account number.
This is your unique account number to receive cryptocurrencies from others.
It must be provided to us to know where to send the crypto currency you have purchase.

In order to purchase cryptocurrency or convert cryptocurrency,
you must have an address for the crypto currency you are going to receive.
For this you need to have a wallet and copy and paste your address from this.